We are here to make sure there is diversity of speakers at conferences and events. We want to help both speakers and events to make this happen.

Speaker line up is a women lead organisation with a purpose of empowering diversity of speaker line ups of conferences and events. 


Founded after years of frustrations at lack of diversity at events.

One of our goals is to rapidly become the Must-Have-Certification for both attendees and event organisers.

Speakers – Experts and new talent

Supporting women speakers.

We want to provide a platform and support to speakers at all levels. From experts to new talent trying to secure a speaker slot.

Events Owners and Managers

We want to help events deliver a diverse speak line up.

Provide a easily searchable database of talent to make this happen.

Get Speaklineup.com Certified to promote your diversity in speakers. Events that prove they have at lease 40% diversity in their speaker line up can get certified.

Our team is driven. Every single day, we’ll support both speakers and events to help deliver a truly diverse speaker line up.

Aoife McIlraith