We Want To Make It Easy for Events to Secure and Promote Amazing Women Speakers in Marketing

Get Independent Certification Badge from Speakerlineup.com
to Promote Diversify at Your Event

Finding Women Speakers
We want to help events find amazing women speakers covering all marketing topics.

We will be building a database of women speakers that will be easily searchable by topics, expertise, experience, location and so much more.

You will be able to contact them directly in one click.

Seasoned speaking veterans, to breakout new talent to help event managers build an amazing diverse speaker line up for your next event.

Speakerlineup.com Certification

We will audit your event, and if approved, provide independent certifications and badge for your event promotion that proves you have at lease 40% diversity in your speaker line up.

Get in contact us with us and we will ensure we keep you up to date on launch details.

We would also love to hear comments, recommendations on features and functions you would love to see here!